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Serving those who serve our country

Introducing VETSQuest, part of the HireQuest Inc. family

The work we do has always been community-focused. Through VETSQuest, we are able to support our current community of veterans, and those who will soon transition from careers in the U.S. Armed Forces into civilian roles. Our mission is clear: We're here to help veterans and their spouses land on their feet, securing their future and the futures of those depending upon them.

Serving our country takes courage—and so does transitioning to civilian life. Through VETSQuest's forthcoming business opportunities, management training programs, and recruitment initiatives, HireQuest Inc. and our family of companies are here to serve our veterans and their spouses.

As a subsidiary company of the nationwide staffing agency HireQuest Inc., VETSQuest serves as the veteran and spouses of veterans hiring arm that staffs our thousands of clients across the nation. Our intent is to place veterans and their spouses in either meaningful jobs or to offer them the opportunity to own one of our HireQuest brands as a franchise owner. Veterans are attracted to organizations with strong values, which is why VETSQuest is founded on the core values of honor, integrity, and strong moral character. Our business model invites our veteran workforce toward opportunities that bring their considerable energy, talent, interests, and abilities to bear in support of our growing economy across this great country.

Specifically, we offer three opportunities:

Manager-in-Training: This is a paid training program that allows you to learn our business model and then become a business owner by opening a HireQuest franchise.

Core staff: Each of our 242 locations hire people for marketing, recruiting, business development, office administration, and management.

Direct hire: An opportunity for us to directly place you with one of our thousands of clients.

Our Partners

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